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Embed from Pinterest

Love Pinterest? On WordPress.com, you can easily embed your Pinterest profile, boards, or individual pins either by:

  • pasting the links into any post or page
  • Or pick the Pinterest block from the block picker

Note: This article explains how to embed from Pinterest — you can also add Pinterest sharing buttons (including “Pin It” hover buttons for images) and you can verify your site with Pinterest.

To embed from Pinterest, create or edit a post or page.

Then, paste the link to your Pinterest profile, or to a specific board or pin:

Pinterest links

Make sure it’s not a clickable hyperlink. If it is, place your cursor in the link, and then click the “Unlink” button in the Visual Editor toolbar.

And that’s it! Here’s how the embeds look on your blog:

Note: Pinterest embeds will not display whenever your blog is marked as Private.

Note: Pinterest links must have the .com extension. Links with .com.au, for example, will not load.




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