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If you are having trouble receiving email through a Gmail or G Suite account there are a few ways to troubleshoot the issue.

Gmail Troubleshooter

Gmail has its own email troubleshooter here. Some of the more common ones are also listed below, but try the suggestions in the troubleshooter first.

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Check your spam folder

Sometimes Gmail and G Suite can mis-classify new email as Spam. If you check your spam folder and see your message in there, select the message, then click on the “Not Spam” button to teach Gmail not to put similar messages in your spam folder.

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Do you have Email Tabs enabled?

Email tabs split up your inbox into different sections, and this causes emails to bypass the usual inbox and land in another tab, such as Social, or Updates. So you may be receiving the email but not realize it.

You can read more about email tabs in Gmail here.

There are two solutions if this is happening.

1) Drag an email from the other inbox to your main inbox. A notification will appear allowing you to set all emails from that address to automatically go to the Inbox. See the Moving Messages between tabs section here.

2) Disable the email tabs under Settings > Inbox. Deselecting the Inbox Categories will mean all your email should display in your main Primary Inbox.

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Do you have custom filters?

Filters in Gmail and G Suite allow you to set rules that filter messages, often bypassing the inbox. Any number of these can affect your emails and have them skip your Inbox.

In order to find them, do a global search in your Gmail/G Suite account for or confirm email.

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This often shows emails you didn’t know you had received. You can also click the down arrow next to the blue search button and fill in all the criteria you can think of to find the emails. If you’re not certain about any field, leave it blank as it will only find exact matches.

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Are you testing from the same Gmail account you're sending to?

If you are testing to see if your email works, do not test from the same Gmail account that you’re forwarding to, as Gmail recognizes duplicates and will not send the test, making it appear as if it is failing. Test from a completely different email address.

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Are you using dots/periods in your email address?

Gmail allows you to enter dots/periods in your email address. So is the same as However for Email Forwarding this will not work, so please use your email address without the dots/periods.

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