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In addition to uploading media files directly to your site’s Media Library, you can upload, manage, and insert media on the post or page editing screen using the (+) Insert Block icon.

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Add Media Blocks

To add a block, click the + icon anywhere you see it in the editor:

Searching and adding a block

For more, visit our detailed instructions on adding blocks.

Image Block

With the (+) Insert Block icon, you can easily add an image into a post or page from your computer, Media Library, Google Photos, Pexels Free Photos library, or from a URL.

Upload using the Image block

You can also upload multiple images right from the editor using various Gallery blocks available in the block editor.

Gallery block

See examples of all the different ways you can display images in our Images guide.

Video Block

Likewise, you can add a video from your computer to your site using the Video block (on the Premium, Business, or eCommerce plan).

Video block

For information on embedding videos from other hosting sites/services (e.g. YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc.), please review the links in our Videos support guide.

Audio Block

If you wish to upload audio files directly from your computer, (on the Premium, Business, or eCommerce plan), you can use the Audio block.

Audio block

To link to audio files hosted elsewhere without storing them in your Media Library, check out your other Audio options.

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Upload Documents

You can create download links to documents (PDF, Microsoft Word document, etc.). When inserting a document into your page or post, a clickable link will automatically be generated.

If you wish to embed the actual document/file into the post/page content, you can embed a PDF.

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Schedule Photos

Consider using Postbot, our special photo scheduling app that lets you queue your photos and post them over a number of days.

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