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If you misspell a domain or change your mind about the domain you have registered with your site, you have some options to change it.

While it’s not possible to directly edit the name of an existing domain, you can register a new domain to replace it. The cost and process of changing the domain depend on how long ago you registered it. This guide will help you learn the best action to take.

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Changing the Registered Domain Within the Refund Period

Domains are refundable within 96 hours of registration or renewal. Within the refund period, you can contact us and we will help you cancel the current domain and register another domain at no additional cost.

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Changing the Registered Domain Outside the Refund Period

Outside the 96-hour refund period, you can take these steps to change your domain:

  1. Purchase a new domain by going to Upgrades → Domains and clicking Add Domain to this site. See domain pricing here.
  2. Once registered, make the new domain your site’s primary domain. You can switch the primary domain of your site by going to Upgrades → Domains. Click the … next to a domain, and select make primary domain.
  3. Optional: You may cancel your original domain, or keep it as a secondary domain if you wish.

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Changing the Connected Domain

You can change a connected domain by simply connecting a new domain name. You can then remove the original connected domain from your Purchases page.

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Changing the Primary Domain

Your primary domain is the site address people will see in their browser’s address bar when they visit your site. If you have multiple domains connected to the same site, you can change the primary domain using the steps in the Setting the Primary Domain support guide.

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