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A domain name is an address people use to visit your site. It tells the web browser where to look for your site. Just like a street address, a domain is how people find your website online. And, like having a sign in front of your store, a domain name helps give your site a professional look.

With the purchase of an annual, two-year, or three-year plan, you may register a new domain for free for one year or transfer a domain you already own to You may also connect a domain from another provider for free with any paid plan.

If you are not ready to add a custom domain, you can create your site and add a domain later. Your site comes with a address (or on plugin-enabled sites) that you can use for this purpose.

The guides on this page will show how to take any domain-related action on

I want to…

Add a New Domain to My Site

Purchase a brand new domain to use with any website:

Purchase a brand new domain without creating a website for it:

Add an Existing Domain to My Site

Connect a domain that is already registered with another provider:

Transfer the registration of a domain you own to

Connect a domain that is already registered with GoDaddy:

Connect a domain from another provider using A records (IP addresses):

Use a subdomain such as with your site:

Change My Domain Settings

Set a domain as the main address of your site:

Change the name servers on a domain you own:

Add or change your domain’s DNS records:

Adjust your contact and privacy settings:

Learn more about your domain’s security:

Move My Domain

Move your domain to another site on

Move your domain to another account:

If you want to transfer a domain from to another provider:

Point a domain to another provider using custom IP addresses (A records):

Change, Renew, or Cancel My Domain

Change the spelling of an existing domain:

Cancel and refund a domain:

Renew your existing domain for another year:

What to do if your domain has expired:

If you are looking for more domain-related information, view our complete list of domain guides.

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