Designated Agent

Under ICANN’s Inter-Registrant Transfer (Change of Registrant) Policy, most updates to your first name, last name, organization, or email address will be considered a change of registrant and kick off the change of registrant process, even if you’re not actually transferring the domain to someone else. By authorizing your respective registrar (either Automattic or Tucows Domains Inc.) as your Designated Agent, you’re able to make changes to your WHOIS data or transfer ownership of your domain immediately, without dealing with a slew of notification and confirmation emails.

Rest assured, we won’t use this Designated Agent status to take any other action on your domain. This authorization is only to streamline the process of updating your information. If you’re not comfortable with authorizing your registrar to act as your Designated Agent, please transfer your domain to another registrar.

Please note that if you make any material changes to these fields or transfer ownership of your domain, the domain cannot be transferred to another registrar for 60 days, unless you opt out of this transfer lock when updating your contact information:


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