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Video Tutorials: Customize your Site or Blog

The videos on this page show you how to change your theme, set up custom menus, and customize your site with icons and widgets.

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Change your Theme

Your site’s overall layout and design are determined by the theme. You can change the theme of your site as often as you would like. This video shows you how to change your site or blog’s theme. To learn more about changing your website or blog’s theme, check out this step-by-step guide.

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Add and Cutomize Menus

Your menu is the list of links that are typically displayed at the top of your site. A menu makes it easy for your visitors to find their way around your site’s pages and other content. This video will show you how to add and customize your site’s menus. Check out this step-by-step guide for more information.

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Page and Post Visibility

You can change who is allowed to see specific content by updating the Visibility option in the Page Settings module for a specific page or post.

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Site Icons

A Site Icon is a unique icon for your website. It is shown across, in your visitor’s browser tab, in widgets like Blogs I Follow, and as a bookmark and home screen app icon when saved to a browser or phone. Examples can be found in our guide here.

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Free Photo Library

The Free Photo Library integrates your site with a library of over 40,000 beautiful and useful copyright-free images to use on your site. They are provided courtesy of Pexels. Add these images to your site to create stunning designs.

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