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You can add CSS to customize any theme if you have purchased the Premium, Business, or eCommerce plan, which all include the Custom Design feature. The theme’s original CSS can be found by using your browser’s web inspector tools. This is the preferred way to view CSS because it’s more comprehensive and will show you all the CSS that applies rather than just a subset of it.

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Web Inspector Basics

These three basic steps will work in most current browsers to open the web inspector:

  1. Right-click on a web page element
    In Safari, go to Preferences > Advanced and enable the Develop menu first.
    In Internet Explorer 10, go to Tools > F12 Developer Tools instead.
  2. Select the “Inspect Element” option
  3. Look for a panel at the bottom of the screen

The panel will show the HTML for the element you clicked as well as all the CSS that applies to it. You can click on different HTML elements in the panel and then look at the CSS on the right to figure out what CSS can be copied into My Site → Design → Customize → Additional CSS to make design customizations on CSS.

Here are some video walkthroughs showing how the web inspector works for each major browser:

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Internet Explorer

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