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Create an Anchor Podcast Automatically with Text-to-Speech Feature

Podcasts allow you to expand the audience for your content, as well as the medium in which people experience it. You can automatically convert the text on any post into a podcast on Anchor, the world’s latest podcasting platform that is part of Spotify, all at no cost to you. The text-to-speech feature uses technology to convert your written words to spoken audio.

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Create a Podcast on Anchor with Existing Posts

You can create a podcast on Anchor at any time, regardless of how many published posts you have on your site. To easily convert all of your existing posts into podcast episodes on Anchor, go directly to Anchor’s account linking site.


You must create a new Anchor account to link your account in Anchor and start creating podcasts from your existing posts. Existing Anchor accounts cannot be linked manually at this time.

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Create a Podcast on Anchor with New Posts

You can also easily convert new posts that you’re publishing on your site.

  1. You can convert your text to a podcast on Anchor right after you click Publish on any new post. If you’d like to convert an existing post into a podcast, you’ll need to first Switch to draft and then Publish again.

2. After you click Publish on your post, you’ll see a Convert to Audio section in the settings on the right sidebar. Click the Create a podcast episode link to get started.

3. Clicking that link will take you to Anchor’s website where you will first create an account with them, if you don’t already have one, and then proceed with converting the post you just published into a podcast on Anchor.

4. After you’ve transformed the post into a podcast on Anchor, don’t forget to come back to your site to embed the podcast episode with the Podcast Player Block. This will give you followers more ways to experience your content. Add the Podcast Player Block, copy and paste your podcast episode URL, and then click Embed.

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Other Podcasting Resources, Tips, and Tricks

Podcasting is a great way to extend, supplement, and grow both your content and audience. You can also record audio voice recordings yourself and distribute them from your site to a number of platforms such as Pocket Casts, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and others. Podcasting is also a new way to make money with your site.

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