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On May 11th 2023, Anchor’s (now Spotify for Podcasters) text-to-speech integration with has been discontinued.

If you use the Anchor (now Spotify for Podcasters) integration with, this feature is turned off. Nothing else changes with your account.

Unpublished draft episodes created with the integration must be published by May 11, 2023 or they risk deletion. All draft podcasts will be automatically deleted after that date. Published episodes created with the tool will not be deleted — they will remain a part of your show.

Continue your podcast here on with our built-in podcasting features. You can still share your podcast episodes and make them available for listeners on PocketCasts, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and others.
And, if you host your podcast here on you can submit your podcast RSS feed to Spotify so it will still be available there.

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