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You want your work to be accessible and available to your readers. You want to be seen by your audience. You want to reach out and delight the folks who are in search of what you have to offer. At, we have a whole toolbox full of ways for you to do that.

Use Your Network

Connect your site with your social networks. You can automatically announce your blog posts to social media. Once auto-sharing is set up, you can choose which of your networks will receive announcements for every new post. It’s like a megaphone for your blog!

Screenshot of the different social networks you can connect to.
Discover homepage.

Meet the Neighborhood has a wide variety of authors writing about every topic under the sun. You can find new readers and become part of a global community of writers, bloggers, and content creators. Here are some ways to start getting acquainted:

Reach People Via Email

Invite people to subscribe to your site and receive email updates.

Add a subscription form so that your visitors can receive emails each time you get a new post out there.

Easily integrate with services like MailChimp, or MailerLite, to send customized newsletters, or install a plugin like MailPoet.

An example of what a "Join Our Mailing List" invitation can look like.

Grow your Audience

Don’t let people forget you. You have more chances to get noticed if you publish great content. The secret is to post original and high-quality content. Make sure to check our guide to getting more views and traffic.

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Even More Ways to Connect

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