Clearing your Site’s Cache

In simplified terms, the cache is where data about your site is temporarily stored in order to deliver it more quickly the next time it is requested. This guide covers server-side caching. For browser caching, see this guide.

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Caching and Plugins

If you have the Business or eCommerce plan, you may run into a plugin (such as Elementor) that recommends clearing your site’s cache as a troubleshooting step. They will commonly recommend a caching plugin, but these plugins are incompatible on only because we already provide server-side caching for your site to ensure it loads quickly and efficiently.

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How to Clear your Site's Cache

If you need to clear your site’s cache, please contact our Happiness Engineers and we will be happy to help you out by enabling the option to clear your cache.

Once enabled, you’ll see a new section in the Hosting Configuration tab of your dashboard.

Clear Cache button in Hosting Configuration
Clear Cache button in Hosting Configuration

Click the Clear Cache button to start the process.

You’ll need to provide your reason for clearing the cache. This helps us log and identify areas where we can help plugin developers improve their products.

Once you click Clear Cache, your site’s cache will be cleared.

Why do I have to contact you to turn it on?

Clearing your site cache can lead to degraded performance, and slower loading times for you and your visitors while the cache is rebuilt. To avoid a performance drop enabling the cache clearing option is done on a case by case basis. If everything on your site is performant and well coded, clearing your site cache should not be necessary.

Why do I have to fill out a reason before I can clear my cache?

Clearing your cache should be seen as a step in the troubleshooting process, not a solution to a problem, in fact sometimes clearing your cache can obscure the root cause of an issue, as it treats the symptoms and not the cause. By providing a reason for your cache clear it helps us provide data we can pass on to plugin and theme developers to help them improve their products.

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