Changing a Username or Display Name in G Suite

Once you have setup a G Suite account, you might want to change a user’s Username or Display Name.

Before making those changes, please carefully read what happens when you change a Username for a G Suite account. Also, please ask the user to sign out from their Google Cloud.

1.Log in to G Suite with your administrator account.

2. From the Admin Dashboard, go to Users.

3. On the Users page, please click on Rename (the pencil icon) next to the user whose Display Name or Username you would like to change.

4. Change either of the options in the next window:

  • First name and Last name – This changes the user’s default Display Name.
  • Primary Email address – This changes the user’s log in name and primary email address.

Click Rename and you’re done!

There are many other things that can be done with a G Suite administrator account. You can check the all out on this link.

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