Browser Notifications

You can receive notifications on your desktop even when you’re not actively using

Example browser notification

To turn on notifications in your browser:

  • Step 1 – Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome or Firefox installed. (Note: You can only enable desktop notifications using Google Chrome or Firefox.)
  • Step 2 – Open the browser and log into
  • Step 3 – Go to Notification Settings and click the Enable button on the Browser Notifications panel

Enable browser notifications

  • Step 4 – If you receive a pop-up, click Allow (Chrome) or Always receive notifications (Firefox)
Chrome browser notifications permission prompt

Chrome permission pop-up

Firefox browser notifications permission prompt

Firefox permission pop-up

You will receive notifications about activities that are enabled in your notification settings, such as

  • Comments on your posts
  • Likes on your posts and comments
  • New Follows from other users
  • Achievements and Mentions

Notification settings

You can change your activity notification preferences on the Notification Settings page.

Can I enable notifications in more than one browser?

Even if you have multiple browsers installed on your computer, it would not be very useful for the same notifications to appear multiple times as each browser delivers them. Pick the browser you keep open the most, and enable notifications in that one. If you switch from Chrome to Firefox, and vice versa, you can always enable notifications in your preferred browser if you change your mind.

On how many devices can I enable browser notifications?

At this point, only one device is supported for browser notifications.

Note: For mobile devices, we recommend using our mobile applications.

What if browser notifications aren’t working properly?

  • Restarting your browser is often the simplest solution, especially if it has been running for an extended period of time.
  • Make sure that your browser is running. does not have to be open, but the browser itself must be running, at least in the background.
  • Make sure you have browser notifications enabled: even if it’s reported to be enabled, disable them, and enable them again.


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