Create an Archive using the Archives Shortcode

You can easily and quickly create an archive index of your blog’s posts using the [archives] shortcode. To create an archive index for your blog, simply add a new page or post and use the following shortcode:


You can add a shortcode to any page or post using a shortcode block.

By default, the shortcode will produce an index/listing of all published posts on your blog. You can use multiple shortcodes on one post/page and also add it to a Text Widget for use in your sidebar.


Of course you can customize it!

Here are just a few examples of how you can use the [archives] shortcode on your own blog using the customization options listed below.

Last 12 months:
[archives type=monthly limit=12]

Last 12 months with post count:
[archives type=monthly limit=12 showcount=true]

Last 18 days:
[archives type=daily limit=18]

Last 32 posts:
[archives limit=32]

Last 3 weeks:
[archives type=weekly limit=3]

All posts in a drop-down:
[archives format=option]

Last 12 months with post count in a drop-down:
[archives format=option type=monthly limit=12 showcount=true]

Last 17 weeks with some before and after text:
[archives type=weekly limit=17 before='some before text' after='some after text']

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The table below includes all of the current options available to you for customizing the [archives] shortcode output.

Option Description Choices Default Setting
type The type of archives list to display yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, postbypost postbypost
format How to display the archives list option (drop-down menu), html (unordered list), custom (for use with the “before” and “after” parameters) html
limit The number of archive entries to display Any valid number No limit
showcount Display post count of each archive entry true, false false
before Text to go before each archive entry Any string of text or HTML tag from here none
after Text to go after each archive entry Any string of text or HTML tag from here none
order Sort order asc, desc desc
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