Adding Code to Headers

Some services ask you to add code to the site header in order to verify the site, add content, integrate more features, or more.

Integrated Services

For Google, Bing, Pinterest, Yandex, and Facebook Business, we have a simpler way to verify your site or domain, explained on Site Verification Services. This method allows you to safely add the code without manipulating site files.

Visit My Site → Tools → Marketing → Traffic and scroll down to Site verification services to access these tools.

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Adding Code to Headers.php


To add code to the header section of your site, your site needs to be on the Business or eCommerce plan with plugins installed.

If you’re trying to add code to the header of your site, the instructions may vary, but it can usually be done the same way here at Some places will explain that it should be added between <head> and </head> while some will suggest using a theme editor or adding to the HTML header.

The reason these codes are added to the header is so that the code shows on every page and post of your site.

We recommend using a plugin to do this, such as the Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

  1. Install and activate the free Insert Headers & Footer plugin or a similar plugin of your choice.
  2. Go to My Site(s) → Settings → Insert Headers & Footers.
  3. Paste the code into the Scripts in Header box and click Save.
The Insert Headers and Footers plugin has a few sections, but the top is for adding code to the header. At the bottom it notes "These scripts will be printed in the head section".

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Common Services

Some popular services that require adding code to the site header include:

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