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Our Professional Email service, which is powered by Titan, makes adding a custom branded email address, such as, easy and affordable. You can find directions for other email providers on our main Add Email page.

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Purchase Professional Email for an Existing Domain

If you have registered, transferred, or connected a custom domain through, you can add Email by following these steps. Please note that Email can only be added by the user who owns the domain subscription.

1. Go to My Sites → Upgrades Emails and look for Professional Email.

2. You’ll see the option to add email for your domain. Make sure the domain name is correct and fill in the information for your mailbox. Select a password to use to access your email once the mailbox is created and select a different email address to use in case you lose access to your mailbox so we can send a password reset link. Then click Add Email:

The Add Email screen for a specific domain with the Professional Email option at the top.

3. If you want more than one mailbox, click “Add Another Mailbox” and repeat these steps for each mailbox you want to create.

4. Next, you will go through the checkout where you will be able to confirm the domain name your mailbox(s) will be associated with as well as the number of mailboxes you are purchasing:

Screen showing checkout with a monthly email subscription.

5. Once your payment goes through you’ll be presented with a success message. Click the Manage Email button.

Confirmation screen after completing the email purchase with a button to Manage email on it.

6. Choose options to access your new Professional Email accounts or to manage settings for the mailbox(s) you just purchased. If you want to add more mailboxes, choose “Add New Mailboxes” and repeat the previous steps. Please see Manage Email Subscriptions and Billing for more information on removing unwanted mailboxes.

The Email screen with a domain and an Add New Mailboxes button.

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Manage Professional Email Subscriptions and Billing

You can manage your subscription, including billing, from your dashboard. Click Account Profile (your profile picture on the top right) → Purchases. Then select the email purchase you would like to manage. If you have purchased email for more than one domain, please make sure you are selecting the correct purchase.

The Manage Purchases screen, with the two Email purchases highlighted in a red box.

You will then see options to turn automatic renewal off or on as well as to remove the purchase.

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Access Professional Email Mailbox

  1. Go to My Site(s) → Inbox
  2. Click on the Mailbox you want to open
  3. You’ll be taken to a login screen to enter your email credentials and check your email
The Inbox option in the dashboard showing the email box for the domain.

To access your mailbox using the Titan mobile app, or using third-party apps, please review one of the documentations from Titan below:

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Manage Professional Email Settings and Mailboxes

  1. Go to My Site(s) → Inbox
  2. Click Create a new mailbox
The Need another mailbox option in Inbox with a Create a new mailbox button.

Alternatively, if you have multiple domains on the site that have an email associated with them, you can go to My Site → Upgrades → Emails.

You will see a list of your domains with emails. To manage your email, click the domain you purchased Professional Email for.

Screenshot showing one email purchase for a domain.

Next you will see various options to manage the domain email:

  • Add new mailboxes
  • Manage all mailboxes
  • View billing and payment settings
Options for managing a domain.

Alternatively, you can access the Control Panel by logging in at using the credentials you set up.

From there, you can manage existing email accounts and create new ones. For more information, please visit Titan’s support site for guidance on how to use their interface.

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Cancelling Professional Email Subscription

Removing the purchase gives up any remaining time on your subscription and all features are immediately removed from your site. At this time, it is not possible to cancel individual mailboxes if you have associated an email address for them and they are in use. In this case, canceling your subscription will remove all Email mailboxes from your account.

To remove your Professional Email Subscription, go to your Purchases page then select the Professional Email subscription you want to cancel. From there, click on Remove Email.

The email subscription with the Remove Email option highlighted.

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Cancelling a Specific Professional Email Mailbox

Removing a specific Email Mailbox will not remove the entire Professional Email Subscription.

1. To remove a specific Professional Email Mailbox, go to My Sites → Upgrades → Emails.

2. Click the domain you purchased Professional Email for.

3. You will see the list of the Professional Email Mailboxes you purchased for your domain.

The Manage Email page with the mailboxes that can be deleted.

4. Click on the three dots icon on the right side of the Professional Email Mailbox you want to delete and click Remove Mailbox.

The mailbox settings menu open with the Remove mailbox option highlighted.

5. Click Confirm on the confirmation window.

The confirmation screen asking if you're sure you want to remove the mailbox.

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Manually Set Up Your DNS

It’s possible to connect a domain to your site using A records, keeping your DNS managed at another provider. In this case, add the following DNS records to your domain for Professional Email:

TypeHandled ByPriority

You will also need to add the following TXT record: v=spf1 ~all

To set up a DKIM record, generate the record host name and record value in your Professional Email account’s dashboard by following these steps:

  1. Go to Upgrades → Emails.
  2. Click the domain you purchased Professional Email for.
  3. Click on the Manage all mailboxes option.
  4. Click on any option (e.g. Get mobile app) to access your Professional Email control panel.
  5. Click the Custom DKIM menu item in the sidebar.
  6. Follow instructions to generate a DKIM record host and value.
  7. Add this DKIM record to your DNS as a TXT record.

For more detailed instructions, visit this Titan help page.

Note: If the domain is using as the DNS host, MX and TXT records will be set up automatically but DKIM records won’t be. You may generate a DKIM record and add it to your DNS using the steps above.

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For issues related to your subscription, billing, cancellation, and adding or removing mailboxes, please contact support.

We don’t currently provide support for issues related to using email. For questions about accessing or using email, you can get help from Titan Email directly by searching Titan’s Knowledge Base or contacting their support staff at the following link:

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