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If you want to use an email provider that is not listed in our Add Email page, you will need to obtain the custom DNS records from your provider. If the information is not available on their website and you are unsure of what to ask, please include the following paragraph when you contact your email provider:

Could you please provide me with the complete MX and/or other DNS records I will need to enter on’s end, so that my email on this domain will function?

The DNS records will consist of one or more MX records, and often an A record and/or a CNAME record as well. Refer to our support page about custom DNS records in order to format your records correctly. Then follow the steps below to add them to your domain:

  1. Go to  Domains and click on Edit for the relevant domain.
  2. Select Name Servers and DNS.
  3. Click the DNS Records link
  4. Click the blue Add New DNS Record button, and select the type of record you’d like to add from the dropdown. Enter the information as provided by your email provider and click the blue Add New DNS Record button one more time to save the record. Repeat this step for each record you wish to add.  It could look like this example, but with your own records displayed:
  5. Click the Save Changes button.

Your email should begin working in a few hours.


MX Record

@ 10800 IN MX 50


CNAME Record

imap 10800 IN CNAME

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