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Activity shows a full list of activities and events that have occurred on your site. Free plans are limited to viewing only the past 20 events, whereas Personal, Premium, Business, and eCommerce level plans have access to their complete site activity.

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Type of Activities Recorded

The events stored in your site’s Activity include:

  • Published or updated posts and pages.
  • Comment submission and management activity.
  • Theme switches.
  • Settings and options modifications.
  • See the full list.

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Viewing Your Site's Activity

To view the Activity for your site:

  • Click My Site(s) in the top left corner.
  • If you have more than one site, click Switch Sites, and select the site for which you’d like to see recent activity.
  • Click Jetpack Activity Log.
The left sidebar menu with Jetpack highlighted and Activity Log expanded.
Accessing the Activity Log.

You’ll now be able to view the recent events recorded for your site. It looks like this:

A list of recent activities in the activity log.

Only the most recent 1,000 events are displayed in Activity. The timestamp displayed in Activity matches the timezone you’ve set in your site’s settings (configured from Settings → General in your site’s dashboard).

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Data Retention

The retention periods for Activity data depend on both the activity itself and the site’s plan.

ActivityFreePersonalPremiumBusiness & eCommerce
Users: additions, deletions, network deletions, registrations, invite acceptance, removals, updates30 days30 days30 daysForever
Attachments: uploads, updates, deletions30 days30 days30 daysForever
Comments: submissions, approvals, un-approvals, content edits, deletions, trash actions, spam/un-spam actions, restorations from trash30 days30 days30 daysForever
Feedback: Contact Form submissions30 days30 days30 daysForever
Settings: settings updates30 days30 days30 daysForever
Menus: additions, updates, deletions30 days30 days30 daysForever
Themes: theme activations30 days30 days30 daysForever
Posts & Pages: publish actions, updates, deletions, trash actions, imports, exports*30 days30 days30 daysForever
Widgets: additions, updates, removals, reorders, set-to-inactive actions30 days30 days30 daysForever
WordPress: plan activations/deactivations, new blog followersForeverForeverForeverForever


At the end of any retention periods outlined above, activity data is moved to long-term storage and is retained indefinitely. Once in long-term storage, activity data will no longer be visible in a site’s Activity.

If there is no activity on your site for longer than the retention period, you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

The Activity Log screen with no activity to display.

Once you make any changes to your site that gets recorded in your Activity log, it will appear as normal.

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In your site’s Activity, Business and eCommerce plan sites will have the option to restore their site to a previous version. Click here for more information.

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