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Raising People from the Dead - Modern Miracles

I’ve just finished reading the Gospels last week as part of my search for the Good Life. (here) In these books, Jesus raises three people from the dead. ещё 1 639 слов


The Good Life, The Life Well-lived: Reflections on The Sacred's recent event 'My Dream, My Taste'

At an online event on 29th March 2021, The Sacred podcast, hosted by Elizabeth Oldfield, screened Emily Downe’s multi–award-nominated 3–minute film ‘My Dream, My Taste.’ This was followed by a conversation with leading voices from the fields of theology, philosophy and the creative arts, Professor Miroslav Volf, whose episode of The Sacred podcast inspired the film, philosopher Julian Baggini and former Head of Content at The School of Life Sarah Stein Lubrano. ещё 726 слов

The Sacred

Instead of achieving the good life, how about a good-enough life?

My philosophy discussion group has been pursuing the topic of what constitutes a good life.  We started our quest with a look at ethics and moral philosophy.  ещё 649 слов

History And Politics



Break free from the tight, constricting shackles of mediocrity & discover a rich, full, extraordinary life! Separate yourself from the commonplace in order to uncover your own special uniqueness — only then will you be able to fully savor the taste of an excellent life. ещё 28 слов

Living Life Online

Want to Rejuvenate Yourself?

Happy Thursday friends! This month I’m exploring how tiny breaks might bring about renewal. Last year I did one thing a day to help improve my mental health. ещё 1 140 слов



In one sense, we eat too much. We eat so much food that people are more likely to get sick from issues related to over-eating than under-eating. ещё 537 слов

The Importance of Hugging

As children we are showered with love and affection. We receive sweet words of encouragement as we learn a new skill, kind glances as we fumble with complicated items; plenty of kisses, and of course, lots of hugs. ещё 416 слов