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Modeling Language: Regular Expressions

Spring is finally here, and the warm weather and clear skies are a welcome change from the harsh winter snow. Today, in the spirit of overcoming the winter’s challenges, I’d like to discuss a common challenge faced by computational linguists, along with a fascinating solution. ещё 296 слов


Pisa Party

Wherein we look for something unique as we slowly add to the products of what came before.. ещё 1 277 слов

How To Restrict Numeric Data Entered to a Certain Number of Digits in a Nintex Workflow Cloud Form (NWC)

You can easily configure a form field to only accept a certain number of digits as input. This configuration also will not allow text or special characters to be entered in the form field. ещё 203 слова


Using Regular Expressions to solve Wordle

Wordle is a word-guessing game that became popular in January 2022. The game works by the player guessing at words and receiving feeback on the letters and their placement. ещё 963 слова

CS4FN Advent - Day 1 - Woolly jumpers, knitting and coding

Welcome to the first ‘window’ of the CS4FN Christmas Computing Advent Calendar. The picture on the ‘box’ was a woolly jumper with a message in binary, three letters on the jumper itself and another letter split across the arms. ещё 346 слов

Advent Calendar

Regular Expression practice - name suffix, email address and URL

To do the following exercises, go to https://regex101.com/ and then paste the texts into the Test String field.

1. Names with suffixes ——————————

Mr. Smith… ещё 616 слов


New code artefact made - Weather Station Data Viewer - Including report

This blog has been quiet in the last few weeks, and I’ve had to do some work building a number of code projects according to a vacancy assignment. ещё 1 256 слов

New Artefact