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How can people ask “where’s the inflation”?

I had some thoughts on after watching this piece by Krystal Ball from the The Hill

What is it called when prices rise against past prices at exorbitant rates? ещё 446 слов



Another special day: let’s celebrate World Circus Day with clown Cris-is and her hilarious intent to clean her house, a seemingly simple task that only… ещё 14 слов


Serious Words On Perceived Perpetual Crisis

Hey, boys and girls, it’s Teddy K. back to rap at ya! Today I want to talk about the phenomenon of general perceived crisis. It’s something I hinted at before in my long-ass Manifesto, but I’m going to add some broader perspective to it here. ещё 572 слова

Time to TRIP!

Only sustained, brutal PTSD inducing shocks to humanity could have produced the present scenario, where people are ready and willing to pay to be poisoned. ещё 272 слова

Managing exam stress

This post was written by Dr Majda Rogers, a Counselling Psychologist who works in the Advice and Counselling Service at Queen Mary. She works using a range of third wave CBT approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment therapy and Compassion Focused therapy, to help students with anxiety, depression and other difficulties. ещё 955 слов

CBF Sends Aid to Jackson amidst Water Crisis

By Caleb Mynatt

As a winter storm wreaked havoc on the United States in mid-February, much of the infrastructure in parts of the South found itself put to the test. ещё 803 слова


Famine Coming

As Acts 11 ends we get right back on point with a passage we looked at last time through. Here is the text:

Acts 11:27-30… ещё 551 слово