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Backup Game (Dota 2) di Steam

Backup Game Steam

Di sini aku akan berbagi mengenai cara melakukan backup game (Dota 2) di Steam. Tidak ada perbedaan untuk masalah OS, entah itu Windows atau Linux. ещё 497 слов


Two Things You Must Do Before Migrating Local Account To Domain Account

Tip 1 : Create A Local Admin Account

Always create a local admin account with administrator’s privilege. This will ease the burden of the user whenever you need to make changes only administrator have the rights. ещё 194 слова

Se när senaste backuper körts

För att se när den senaste backupen av alla databaser är tagen kör det här scriptet.
Scriptet visar status på database, vilken recovery model, hur längesen det togs en backup full,diff och transaktions, storlek på backuperna. ещё 249 слов

SQL Server

Convert Gmail Emails to EML Format with Two Easy Methods

Do you want to convert your Gmail emails to EML files? So you’ve arrived at the right place. This article teaches you how to convert Gmail emails to an EML file… ещё 544 слова


How to Export Gmail Contact to Android Phone

Have you recently purchased a new Android phone and are wondering how to export Gmail contacts to your Android product? Exporting contacts from Gmail to Android is necessary whether your previous phone crashed or you just desired a new handset. ещё 599 слов


Two Methods - Export Gmail Emails into PDF with attachments

Gmail is a free email service that is used by millions of users around the globe to send and receive emails. The most popular digital document format is PDF. ещё 633 слова


Looking back in time at backing up with Time Machine

In just over a month’s time, Time Machine will turn fourteen, making it one of the longest-lasting and externally almost unchanged features in macOS. As I’ve been trawling back through my archives preparing a talk for MacSysAdmins about Time Machine, I though you might enjoy a stroll down memory lane, and return to autumn 2007 for a few moments. ещё 387 слов