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Vodafone, nu, din nou

O să folosesc conexiunea asta de la Vodafone ca să scriu despre #Vodafone, nu despre angajații lor care-s oameni simpli la datorie. Eu am o relație romantică de liceu cu Vodafone. 468 de cuvinte mai mult



This afternoon Vodafone officially confirmed that they will not be boycotting GB News, four hours after Guido exclusively revealed that Vodafone’s social media team had gone rogue and wrongly claimed that Vodafone would blacklist the channel. 193 de cuvinte mai mult

Gb News

Sherihan Makes a Major Blast with her Comeback to Acting

Jana Hassoun

7:24 p.m.

How Sherihan’s Career Started

A 52 years-old beautiful Egyptian actress, Sherihan Shalakani, had a passion for performing and singing at a young age. 769 de cuvinte mai mult

M-Pesa: A Wildfire in Africa

A ‘PayPal’ of Africa emerged in the continent in the year 2008. M-Pesa dates back to an era when most of the people in Africa were a victim of slow banking process and underlying money laundering criminals. 855 de cuvinte mai mult

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Italy 'approves Huawei to work on Vodafone's 5G network' | Source: CGTN

Huawei’s logo at a consumer technology fair in Berlin. Italy can impose restrictions on how, or even if, Italian companies make deals with non-EU vendors. /Reuters/ Michele Tantussi … 125 de cuvinte mai mult


Week 20 #WOTD - Stop everything...

Stop everything…London Stock Exchange (LSEG) who have been rock bottom all year were the highest scorers for the week with a 3.9% gain! Still nowhere near getting them off the bottom but a continued run in this form would do them good. 358 de cuvinte mai mult