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Random Musings at a Time of Enforced Isolation

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Whenever I take a break from writing, I sometimes end up pondering about this state of enforced immobility and isolation. Here are a few of those random musings: 311 cuvinte mai mult


Ending a Toxic Friendship

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A couple of weeks ago, I decided to end a friendship with someone I’d known for almost seven years.

This wasn’t a spontaneous decision. 491 de cuvinte mai mult


Stand up for What You Believe in

Back in high school, I had taken a huge interest in astrology. I used to use websites to look up my own birth charts and I would ask new friends I made to tell me exactly what time and place they were born so I could look up theirs too. 327 de cuvinte mai mult


I Like the Chase. . .

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When it comes to men, I love a challenge and if it’s not a cat and mouse game then you’ll most likely lose my attention quicker than you gained it. 278 de cuvinte mai mult



Instead of doing various ‘First Impression’ posts. I decided to do a summarized posts of some of the dramas I’ve been watching and will do a more comprehensive blog post after I’ve either finished or dropped them for good. 838 de cuvinte mai mult

Drama Reviews

Fandango's #FPQ-15 questions!

I thought I’d answer the questions fandango poses this week in his #FPQ post. So, here goes!

  1. Best sandwich? I like turkey and stuffing, ham and cheese, or roast beef!
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