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Testing: Monday Motivations

Well, friends, I had so much fun with my Friday Feelings post that I thought I would try another kind of weekly update. If Fridays are for reflecting on my weeks, then Mondays will be when I speak my goals into existence. 347 de cuvinte mai mult

Hi, I'm Hana.

And I’m trying to live my authentic life by knowing who truly am I and finding my purpose.

When we were born our beliefs, morals, traditions, perception of what is wrong and right were greatly influenced by people surrounding us and environment we grew up in. 261 de cuvinte mai mult


A midnight event told by a dog & cat

Around 1:30 AM we had a very interesting event happen in our home. By the way our 8-month-old pup was growling and barking, I thought someone had broken into our house. 719 cuvinte mai mult

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Be happy

Yeah yeah I know it’s Monday. But the weather is in the mid-to-high 60’s, nothing but sunshine in today’s forecast, and I refuse to be in a bad mood just because it’s Monday again. 16 cuvinte mai mult


Brave the shave?

I finally got a haircut today. The hairdresser I liked at the salon I used to go to went mobile so I booked her and she came to my house. 179 de cuvinte mai mult

Mental Health


I don't need to see you
To know that you're mine.
And don't need to feel you,
To have us intertwine.

But when you are not with me, 82 de cuvinte mai mult

Embracing The Real You

Weather: well it’s still a rollercoaster. Warm, then cold. Rain, then snow. Then warm again. April woke up and chose chaos.

I suppose the title is a gimme. 560 de cuvinte mai mult