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I want this blog to be an outlet for self-expression

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I think it’s important to not suppress your individuality, as it is what makes you, you. Actively practicing being unapologetically yourself aloud is a great habit to adopt, if for whatever reason it does not come naturally to you.

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I don’t feel like me and I’m really trying to find my way back

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Theo and Sprout: Jungian Twist

Colorful Fake Rorschach

While I didn’t begin writing Theo and Sprout as a coming of age story, I definitely began writing with Jungian concepts in mind. 275 de cuvinte mai mult


312/365 Living different Lives 

Sometimes I feel I live many different lives across different media. Like I am a different person everywhere. My temper and tone and the basic fabric seems to be changing. 271 de cuvinte mai mult


Games I Played in March 2022

With my semester exams on March, I didn’t get so much time to play games. But I got to play a variety of games, although I could only spent little time on each of them… 381 de cuvinte mai mult

Games Played This Month

A Newish You

Creating a new persona is a tip I learned on an episode of „Accelerated Spanish” podcast. This alter ego is supposed to think, speak, and behave in a different way than you usually would, and the podcast creator insists switching personalities this way is a tool native speakers use to be highly effective. 316 cuvinte mai mult


Games I played in february 2022

With school opening back after COVID lockdown midway in February and with all the tests and labs in the last weeks, the gaming time I had was not as vivid as I had in January. 786 de cuvinte mai mult

Games Played This Month