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Microsoft Defense Non Profit Org Against Nation State Attacks

Microsoft announced a new security program for nonprofits to provide them with protection against nation state attacks that have been increasingly targeting them in recent years stemming from the lack of adequate resources to build a strong defense. 125 de cuvinte mai mult


49 Microsoft Flight Simulator - VOR Navigation: Intercept a Radial

In the previous video we saw how we can fly to or from a VOR by first finding the VOR bearing by rotating the OBS and then turn the plane to fly that heading and from there on keep the CDI needle centered. 392 de cuvinte mai mult


Visual Studio Code, Microsoft's code editor, now has a web version

TOPICS: Microsoft, programming, Visual Studio Code, web apps

The Microsoft team announced this week that Visual Studio Code is now available from the web browser. Yes, you will be able to use Microsoft’s code editor from your favorite web browser without installing anything on your computer. 22 de cuvinte mai mult

Today Zoo Phishing Kit

Attackers behind an extensive phishing campaign utilized a partially recycled phishing kit in order to target victims’ Microsoft credentials leveraging phishing kits from renting them to building their own customized versions, dubbed TodayZoo, so called due to its “curious” use of these words in its credential harvesting component, 544 de cuvinte mai mult


Does the Xbox SSD Sticker Shock Even Matter Right Now?

Microsoft revealed new 512GB and 2TB models of its SSD expansion cards for the Xbox Series S and X this week, and people seem to be dragging them over the sticker shock. 780 de cuvinte mai mult


Oppo M1 a 3nm flagship mobile chipset

Recently google revealed Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro powered by Google’s Own Custom SoC, Tensor SoC. Now, Oppo is working on smartphone SoC for its flagship smartphones according to a new report from… 248 de cuvinte mai mult

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