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Voyaging in Mastodon

 When I first started exploring Mastodon, it struck me that the various Instances were similar to islands in a large archipelago. Some Instances were quite large, while others were relatively small. 939 de cuvinte mai mult

Media Literacy

"Republicans are strong and Democrats are smart"

“Republicans are strong. Democrats are smart.”

Just hear me out…

Shortly after graduating college, I came across a book called “The Clam-Plate Orgy.” I read it quickly. 1.178 de cuvinte mai mult


What if Wednesday: moving spaces

What if users abandoned Twitter for an alternative social media platform ?


For those who do not visit my other blogs, I have recently set up an account on Mastodon, along with the other 203, 393 new active users, because of the uncertainty of what is happening to Twitter. 60 de cuvinte mai mult


Mastodon: more observations and ruminations

Some further thoughts on Mastodon, both in terms of personal experience as a new user and Mass Media – let’s begin with some recent stats (May 2, 2022). 701 cuvinte mai mult

Media Literacy

Implied Space: The Fediverse

 I have entered the Fediverse, and started an account on Mastodon – @JPK_elmediat@Mastodon.Art .

For more information on the Fediverse, and my motivation, observations, and experience in establishing the account, see the post, … 57 de cuvinte mai mult


To Mastodon, the Fediverse, and Beyond !

A long time ago, when I wore a younger man’s clothes, I became a Media Literacy teacher. Media Literacy was a designated elective English credit in the Ontario Secondary School curriculum. 1.781 de cuvinte mai mult

Media Literacy