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World-famous asam laksa shop folds as owner hit by debt collectors, MCO

Hawker Ang Kak Seong says he has to shut down his 66-year-old business due to harassment by debt collectors.

A famous asam laksa shop in Air Itam, Penang, touted by international news outlet CNN as one of the world’s best food and a living heritage, sold its last bowl as it closes its doors today (May 18). 367 de cuvinte mai mult


Moms second vaccine!

My mom is getting her second covid vaccine on Friday!
She is getting the moderna one.
She is really nervous in case she’ll have adverse side effects. 95 de cuvinte mai mult



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All my best life experiences came from decisions that were made from outside of my comfort zone. It’s never an easy task because in the heat of the moment, you are constantly overthinking and second guessing if that decision is really the right one but you will never know until you do it. 307 cuvinte mai mult


Indian mosque bulldozed in defiance of high court order

Local officials in Uttar Pradesh demolish mosque that had stood since time of British rule

A local administration in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has defied a state high court order and bulldozed a mosque, in one of the most inflammatory actions taken against a Muslim place of worship since the demolition of the Babri Mosque by a mob of Hindu nationalist rioters in 1992. 764 de cuvinte mai mult


The Matrix and I

I recently re- watched the The Matrix series, probably for the 21st time.

I was in in standard eight (eighth grade) when the first movie came out. 779 de cuvinte mai mult

Nerdy Sunday! peace

What a gift when we can finally make peace with ourselves.

It is time to apply some self-acceptance whenever we find ourselves trying to impress others, wondering whether we’re good enough, or trying too hard to say the right thing.

Melody Beattie


5/19/21 - Power Path

Matthew 10:39

Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.


Did you know this chapter of Matthew is Jesus sending the disciples out in His name, and it clearly states that He (Jesus) gave them authority in His name. 1.244 de cuvinte mai mult

Christian Devotion