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Lookup Transformation

Lookup Transformation in Informatica

This transformation is used to lookup data in different sources. In this, input port value is compared against lookup source column based on defined condition, and result is again fed to another transformations/target. 320 de cuvinte mai mult


Joiner Transformation

Joiner Transformation in Informatica

The joiner transformation works on a join condition of both input sources, if there’s a match on the port values then Integration service joins these two rows else it’ll pass i.e., it won’t return anything. 184 de cuvinte mai mult


Informatica Interview Questions

Top Informatica Interview Questions

Question 1: What are the types of transformations in Informatica?

Informatica transformation can be divided into two types:

  1. Active: It can change the number of rows, i.e., …
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Informatica rolls out cloud-native CX solution

Informatica has introduced Customer 360 SaaS, an enterprise-scale cloud-native solution that helps enterprises deliver customer experience (CX) in a post-pandemic, digital-first, cloud world.

Based on the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services platform, the solution provides all-in-one seamless connectivity, data integration, process orchestration, data quality, reference data management, and master data management. 77 de cuvinte mai mult