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Poem: Help me end Cultural Dysphoria. I exist & it is okay.

I exist

even if you are blind

I exist

even if you can’t hear me

I exist

even if you deny my genitals

being different from you… 274 de cuvinte mai mult

Human Rights

Here's the skinny on what happened yesterday and today regarding the booster dose

By Meryl Nass, MD | September 23, 2021

Last Friday, FDA’s advisory committee (VRBPAC) voted 16 to 2 against giving a license to a third Pfizer booster shot for everyone age 16 and up.

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United States

Kier Starmer And The Ten Lacking Principles

Kier Starmer today published an essay via the Fabian Society outlining what he thinks are values for the Labour Party to build a campaign on. He calls them, „10 principles for a contribution society that will form the basis of a new contract between Labour and the British people, rooted in both our party and our country’s values.” 1.562 de cuvinte mai mult


Hon Dennis Idahosa Sponsors Motion for Census of Nigerians in Prisons abroad

…Ero to lead protest in London September 30.

September 23, 2021


Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku

Hon Dennis Idahosa, representing Ovia Federal constituency, September 23rd sponsored a motion on the need to ascertain the number of Nigerians being detained in prisons abroad. 523 de cuvinte mai mult

Development Issues

Food’s a human right, not just ‘a commodity to be traded’ - UN General Secretary, Antonio Guterres

FAO/Luis Tato
Women vendors sell fresh vegetables at a market in Limuru, Kenya.

Every day, hundreds of millions of people go to bed hungry. Three billion people cannot afford a healthy diet. 974 de cuvinte mai mult


New York's New Gov Threatens To Replace Unvaccinated Hospital Workers With 'Foreigners'

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge | September 23, 2021

New York’s first female governor Kathy Hochul, who took the reins in the Empire State after her predecessor and former boss, Andrew Cuomo, finally resigned, is showing the state’s recalcitrant healthcare workers just how understanding and progressive she can be.

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By Asasiira Athen

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in China in December 2019, a severe economic downturn has been induced through the disruption of the economy. 1.851 de cuvinte mai mult