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iPhone 13 Pro/iOS Impressions from a Pixel 3/Android User

Last week on Wednesday my new Apple iPhone 13 Pro finally came in. I was super excited to get it all unboxed, SIM card inserted (I put my case on and then realized I needed to put the SIM card in, then had to take the case off again :facepalm:) and then put the case back on, ready to use as my next phone for the future (or until Apple no longer supports the device). 1.469 de cuvinte mai mult



It makes me think as to why so many whistleblowers sprouting out of only a few corporates and coincidentally these corporates are all the main giants or the big sharks of the industry? Hmmmm

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Pixels Perfect | The best ever Pixels from Google | Pixel 6 @ $599 & 6 Pro @ $899

Picture: The Verge

The Pixels have always been the epitome of Googles software capabilities. However, they have also been one of the most underwhelming smartphones through out the years. 674 de cuvinte mai mult


Google Search is getting easier, this nice feature is coming

A new feature in Google Search, as users continue to scroll, one result after another will appear before their eyes.


Every website tries to get top ranking in Google Search to get more visitors. 307 cuvinte mai mult


WhatsApp is bringing five more new features

Work is underway on those new features. Once complete, the public will get the benefit of all these new features.

What new features are coming to WhatsApp? 290 de cuvinte mai mult