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Nigel Farage's show boosts GB News ratings

On Monday, July 12, the day after the Euro 2020 final, GB News presenter Guto Harri took the knee in solidarity with the cause.

His co-presenter, Mercy Muroki, looked on, silently embarrassed for him: 1.861 de cuvinte mai mult


EXIT UK Supporter Update

Dear Supporter,

Things have been really busy, as normal and we are pleased to say face to face training sessions are now taking place once more! 765 de cuvinte mai mult

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Life After the Far-Right

One could be forgiven for thinking that the Far-Right does not provide a sense of belonging or familial sense—but they would be mistaken. The Far-Right has become good at supporting the individual needs of those who join these Extremist organisations, in every aspect. 489 de cuvinte mai mult

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How Prison Officers can help Rehabilitate Far-Right Extremists

A Prison Officer has the duty of care over individuals placed upon the Wing—but how does that duty of care change when faced with a Far-Right Extremist Prisoner? 788 de cuvinte mai mult

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GB News (interview): Vaccines for students

I joined Michelle Dewberry on GB News to discuss proposals to introduce vaccine passports for students returning to university. I debated the impact of the pandemic of young people with student and campaigner Oscar Lopez.


Exposed: The 9 Foundational Lies of GB News

GB News launched on Sunday 13th June with a declaration of intent from chairman and lead presenter Andrew Neil. Among other things, Neil proclaimed that the channel would give „voice to those who have felt sidelined or even silenced in our great national debates” and would cover „the people’s agenda.” … 2.111 cuvinte mai mult

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July 19 in England: 'Freedom Day' supermarket round-up

Freedom Day did go ahead on Monday, July 19, in England.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, along with Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid, was told at the weekend to self-isolate. 904 cuvinte mai mult