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Indian mosque bulldozed in defiance of high court order

Local officials in Uttar Pradesh demolish mosque that had stood since time of British rule

A local administration in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has defied a state high court order and bulldozed a mosque, in one of the most inflammatory actions taken against a Muslim place of worship since the demolition of the Babri Mosque by a mob of Hindu nationalist rioters in 1992. 764 de cuvinte mai mult


Men Give Birth. America Was Founded in 1619. And Israel Is the Aggressor

When you meditate for a moment on what the left expects honest and decent people to believe, you confront the world of absurdities and lies in which we live.

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Culture is the humility, the morality and the wisdom of the heart...

Quote by His Holiness Radhanath Swami Maharaj

Culture is the humility, the morality and the wisdom of the heart, expressed through lifestyles and arts.

जीवनशैली व कला यांद्वारे व्यक्त होणारी नम्रता, नैतिकता व संवेदनशील सुजाणता म्हणजे संस्कृती होय.

परमपूज्य श्री राधानाथ स्वामी महाराज

Amrita Droplets

How To Be A Player was not the movie we wanted

As we roll through the 90s we have to go back to the more „forgotten” flicks, the B-sides or in this case…the C-side. How To Be A Player directed by legendary music video director Lionel C. 369 de cuvinte mai mult


Cultural signs around the world (19 May 2021)

Some signals of culture and cultural events around the world: we’ll take our cultural life back!

1. My favorite fashion designer, Iris van Herpen, is continuously full of pleasant surprises, and her collections are amazing. 417 cuvinte mai mult


The Stone

Deep within the valley

lay the colorful agate

a collector’s dream

salvaging could not wait

With smiker delight

the chiseling began

going quicker by the moment… 101 cuvinte mai mult