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Four Minutes

How long does it take to catch feelings?

To get offended?

To be overwhelmed by emotion?

The trek up Kilimanjaro

Takes about a week

Of committed hiking… 90 de cuvinte mai mult


What does Tigray’s latest victory mean for East Africa?

The unprecedented victory of the Tigrayan rebel forces at the end of June against two of Africa’s strongest armies has sent shockwaves across East Africa. Such a victory against well-funded government forces is something that has not been seen globally since the Islamic State’s rout of the Iraqi army in June 2014. 555 de cuvinte mai mult


Michaeline: Wolves, Past and Present

A friend of mine recently got pregnant, and told me she’s been having nightmares about wolves eating her baby and making her buy another child. It made me stop and think about wolves, and the power they have over our imaginations . 588 de cuvinte mai mult

Michaeline Duskova

“Happy is, who forgets, what cannot be changed.”

I am not into watches so don’t know who Philipp Wagner is. But what he says in this short documentary stuck with me. He quotes a line from the Die Fledermaus operetta. 82 de cuvinte mai mult



A few weeks ago I learned something about the store mgr who fired me just about four years ago, Morley. You may have seen a quick post about that just about two years ago entitled… 924 de cuvinte mai mult