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New clue on tennis player Peng Shuai, who disappeared after accusing Chinese politician of sexual abuse

TOPICS: censorship, China, comunism, dictatorship, missing persons, theallineed

Tennis player Peng Shuai “is at home and will appear in public soon,” the editor of a Chinese government-affiliated newspaper said Saturday amid growing international concerns over the player’s whereabouts. 33 de cuvinte mai mult

Tension in Cuba in the face of large opposition mobilization

TOPICS: comunism, Cuba, dictatorship, Miguel Diaz-Canel, opposition, protesters, socialism

Two months after the largest protests in Cuba in recent years took place last summer, the opposition is preparing to take to the streets again in a new demonstration on Monday, marked by an increase in government repression and harassment of the international press accredited on the island, which has materialized with the withdrawal of […]

Can We Face Reality?

A5 Zine (Illustrative guide)

This is an illustrative guide of what is said and what has actually happened under communism in Romania, which explores the complexity of power structures, work and power relationships, focusing on issues that relate to (in)equality and social sustainability. 364 de cuvinte mai mult


Yahoo leaves China following in the footsteps of other tech giants

TOPICS: censorship, China, comunism, dictatorship, LinkedIn, Yahoo

Yahoo entered China in 1999, attracted by the growth of this gigantic market in which the Internet was then taking its first steps. 38 de cuvinte mai mult

Inflation makes Cubans even poorer

TOPICS: comunism, Cuba, dictatorship, hunger, inflation, Poverty

Cubans reacted Thursday with “pain” and “disbelief” to the announcement by the authorities that inflation in the last 10 months stood at 60% for retail prices and up to 6,900% in the informal foreign exchange market, amid severe shortages of food and medicines. 16 cuvinte mai mult

Taiwan and China clash over U.S. troops on the island

TOPICS: China, comunism, dictatorship, military, Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, U.S. troops

Taiwan’s president confirmed the presence of a small number of U.S. troops to help train the island’s military, provoking a strong reaction from China. 38 de cuvinte mai mult

Microsoft closes LinkedIn in China

TOPICS: China, comunism, dictatorship, InJobs, LinkedIn, Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that LinkedIn is shutting down in China. The social network for professionals will stop operating in the Asian giant after arguing that it faces a “challenging operating environment”. 28 de cuvinte mai mult