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Monitoring with Prometheus

With containers and microservices in it, it is easy to get into a situation where you have hundreds of pods spread across many nodes resulting in a difficult task of monitoring what is happening in all those applications and their hosts. 1.517 cuvinte mai mult


A Simple But Effective Option For Creating Shortcuts For Value Lists in Oracle Digital Assistant by Frank Nimphius

Sometimes small nuggets turn out to be more valuable than the bigger ones. Hope this is one of those little tips that you will enjoy and use. 102 cuvinte mai mult


Salesforce, a Future SaaS Giant that Worth a Wait

-Executive Summary

  • Salesforce is currently the leader in the SaaS and CRM market and will continue to grow rapidly and dominate both markets due to 3 reasons: Huge Growth Potential for CRM Market; Strong Product Offerings and App Ecosystem; Continual Expansion of TAM Through M&A…
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Corner 2 Corner Crochet: Dreamy Clouds Tote Bag

Tote bags are infinitely useful throughout all seasons and make excellent gifts for just about anyone of any age :)

I really loved the idea of doing a cloud pattern so I whipped up these charts and got to work!! 266 de cuvinte mai mult


Granted, I hate it took me breaking my phone while mad, (then drunk and flat out pissed), because Paige went from responding every few minutes to completely ignoring me. 77 de cuvinte mai mult