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Claims under Sellers' Interest clause

Sellers’ Interest Contingency – That was the term used for this cover during the eighties and nineties in the Indian market. This clause was available only to a privileged set of clients and that again after due internal approvals. 1.138 de cuvinte mai mult

Marine Cargo Insurance

Az utolsó Moulinex nyomában – Vonattal Romániában III.

Kürtösön már lezajlott az útlevélellenőrzés, de a vonat még várakozik egy kicsit. A brassói cigány fiúval, akivel az úton szóba elegyedtünk, leszállunk elszívni még egy utolsó cigit, amíg Attila megpróbál vizet szerezni valahol. 2.006 cuvinte mai mult


Recognize for Moonshot OKRs, Aspirational OKRs, and OKR Champions (HR) Achievements

Implement CFR in your Organization

OKR empower you to implement CFRs (Conversations, Feedback, & Recognition) and drive employee engagement. OKRs and CFRs are often referred as sibling to each other. 390 de cuvinte mai mult

CFR (Conversations, Feedback And Recognition)

My OKR experience at Intel

In Photo: Vaidyanathan Ramalingam, Founder & CEO, OKR Stars™ and Skills2Talent™ SaaS companies, Bengaluru, India.

This blog is about my personal experience as an individual (Vaidya). 956 de cuvinte mai mult

Infection fatality rate

We all learned a bit of epidemiological jargon over the last year, hey?

The term ‘infection fatality rate’ means:

. . . the proportion of deaths among all infected individuals, including all asymptomatic and undiagnosed subjects.

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