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I Don't Know What's Worse...

Doing research that seems to have no benefit, or writing a blog post about such research.

Or a third possibility, which you may soon be guilty of dear reader – reading such a blog post :) 428 de cuvinte mai mult

Lessons Learned

The pastor I never forgot

Pastor Allen. I won’t say the church he worked at, or where, for his privacy’s sake. Pastor Allen was the coolest pastor I ever had. 270 de cuvinte mai mult


Handling Input

to my personal blog

How many? How long? How frequent? How precise? How narrowed?

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I’ve read books about blogging. Yes. I actually bought a book and borrowed a few more from library to read about how to start blogging. 219 cuvinte mai mult

New To Blogging

Skate Into Love ~Episode 8~

***This is going to include many spoilers so please don’t read it unless you’ve seen the eighth episode! I don’t want to ruin such an amazing show for you!*** 2.101 cuvinte mai mult



Photo by Denise H. on . The catfish gets a bad rap for this terrible behavior by humans.

Catfished. Ugh.

God damnit. I feel… 582 de cuvinte mai mult


I've been chosen: You Are a Magical Girl Tag

Pinkie has come up with a sparkly new blog-tag-award thingy, and was kind enough to tag me in it. The You Are a Magical Girl Tag is all about imagining your very own Magical Girl identity! 2.152 de cuvinte mai mult

What Have I Become?

Disillusionment: I had a ninth grade English teacher who had the word on our vocabulary list, and gave us an example of the meaning. He’d worked in a church as a boy. 1.724 de cuvinte mai mult