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Visit us in person today or shop a selection of our items online at… 23 de cuvinte mai mult



This reversible shade permits a choice permits a choice of two strong lightening directions depending upon whether the reflector is uppermost (for downlighting) or on the underside (for uplighting). 21 de cuvinte mai mult


The Man of Steel #1 (2nd series) (2018)

Brian Michael Bendis was given the reigns to Superman in 2018 and came up with a new series of Superman issues. The Man of Steel… 86 de cuvinte mai mult


A Dream About The Capitol

I had a dream last night where I was standing in front of the Lincoln memorial. While looking at it I saw the Statue of Abraham Lincoln split in 2 as if done by a skilled craftsman. 88 de cuvinte mai mult



The joined halves of this interesting seat/shelf/magazine rack amply demonstrate the multiplicity of uses to which a merged object can be put.


Book Review: Our Beautiful Game / Lou Kuenzler / 9 - 12

Published by Faber and Faber…

Young Polly herself is, I fervently believe, on the very edge of running wild. Lacking the niceties of the female sex, she is most often to be found playing out on the waste ground; pushing, shoving and brawling with half the youths of the neighbourhood. 113 cuvinte mai mult