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Times never ending

It’s been over 3 weeks since I was left, and 3 weeks since I saw him… it’s been so slow, days are long and I’m so exhausted. 552 mais palavras


There it is..

Yep so there it is… life is going great, work life is amazing, animals are healthy and getting sorted, have some spare money and had a relationship where I was happy. 330 mais palavras


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My Thoughts

A Brain Storm

The table is a disaster
Papers strewn about
Discarded pens and pencils
A computer notifying of low battery

It is the place of a madman… 39 mais palavras

Creative Writing

Well I made it!

11 years … 11 years I have been out of school. I have managed to try University … not for me. Undergo my certificate IV in Veterinary nursing for the first time. 936 mais palavras


Snow Covered

No matter what I do
I cannot keep the sky
From covering every track
Every trace of my existence
That’s the issue with snow
It drapes a blanket so perfect… 25 mais palavras

Creative Writing


Look at you
Acting so high and mighty
From your lofty spot above us all
You built a tower of tall tales
Perching atop it… 35 mais palavras

Creative Writing