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Life's Trade-Offs

you will sometimes feel



and defeated

in the pursuit of finding your




Thursday, 09.23.2021

The negative things in which we hold on to, are very powerful. They drain and block our healing process. Let it go so that you can move from that hurt and pain. 32 mais palavras

Daily M.I.&T

Stars Are Coming

And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.” … 963 mais palavras


Read "This is Cyprus" in The Cyprus Files, a new limited newsletter series from The Usonian

I just published the first issue of The Cyprus Files, the new channel of my Substack newsletter dedicated to my Fulbright experiences and observations from the divided island nation in the Mediterranean. 46 mais palavras


Bionic Wuester | Over the River: TEoJK #15


• • •

Over the course of the next fewish days, Jonathan Knox learns some things about his new life in the Wuester of Bionic Earth. 1.719 mais palavras


Waiting for me

Riding on the waves of my hopes,
I travelled across the ocean of love,
In hopes of finding you and your love

I had a lit lantern in my hands,
I was searching through a maze of a jungle,
Soft whispers attracted me,
There you were standing there right in front of me,

After a laborious search, I had found some results
Here you were, standing in front of me,
With your arms wide open,
As if you were waiting for me,
As if you knew I was coming for you.