African Butter

Hello my readers

Happy new week!

Let me reintroduce myself

My name is Nicole Kurebwaseka aka Humanity Boss and I am Zimbabwean.

Today I am going to share what I love about my country and what I love about being African. 355 mais palavras

Winter Blogging Challenge 2021

Technology and Culture

It is the last day of the business and tech week! It’s been good.

We are closing it up by talking about technology and culture. 266 mais palavras


The 5-year Myth

Hello my readers!

Let’s talk about business and my experience as an entrepreneur.

Have you ever heard about the 5-year myth when it comes to business? 370 mais palavras

Winter Blogging Challenge 2021

The Make-Believe Theory

Technology will make you feel like you have made it in life but alas you are still at the beginning.

As a millenial I have moments when I feel like I have mastered technology and I believe that I can make history. 128 mais palavras


Good Strategies = Good Business

Welcome to Day 11 of the WinterABC!

Posting on social media is fun. From experience I posted pictures of myself just for the sake of posting because I wanted to see those likes popping but to tell the truth they were not really popping. 606 mais palavras


New Media Technologies and Entrepreneurship

Happy new week my readers!

Technology has become a big part of our world ever since Covid-19 knocked on our doors. Most things or should I say everything has gone digital. 456 mais palavras


You Are Worth A Million Bucks

My God! Advocacy week is over, I can’t believe it. When you are passionate about something you can never get enough.

As we close this week it’s important for us to know our worth and value when it comes to our work and individually. 117 mais palavras