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Twisted Dessert 2

“Who is that?!”, Dineo screams as the stranger smashes the windows of the car.

“Stop screaming I can’t hear anything”, Dante tries to look outside to see who the stranger is. 561 mais palavras

Winter Blogging Challenge 2021

Twisted Dessert

(Still- Liquideep playing)
Darling I will be right here, let them say what they have to say
Baby girl I really don’t care…

Dear diary if love can be defined, I want this moment to be the definition with the love of my life assuring me that he will love me through thick and thin. 613 mais palavras


Black Bird

I was born, born free.

With the joy of my mother filled in the room accompanied by congratulatory messages and gifts for the golden child. At least that’s what I want to believe unlike the narration mother gives me, ‘Ana Tete vako havana kuuya kuzokuonai murivadiki vakuda kukuonai now and pretend to love you so much.’ 238 mais palavras


A Walk Into My Closet

Hello my readers!
I thought I should end this Fashion week by sharing what I love to wear.



Am I the only one who loves headwraps? 200 mais palavras


Fashion Preferences

What is your fashion preference?


Our fashion sense has been influenced by how people dressed in the 1900s to now. I believe that fashion is recycled because if you look at it back then people used to wear torn clothes and put patches using a different material to cover up. 318 mais palavras


Cultural Dilution


It’s the third day of culture and fashion week!

If you remember my last day of tech and business week, today’s blog post is an extension of that blog post. 467 mais palavras


African Musica


We cannot talk about Africa without talking the amazing music that Africa produces!

Personally, I can’t live without music, I’m actually writing this blog listening to music (Still- Liquideep). 424 mais palavras