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Video Game History: Batman: Return of the Joker

Batman: The Return of the Joker (known as The Revenge of the Joker on the Sega Genesis) was one of the first major video games staring Gotham’s greatest hero in the early 90’s. 158 mais palavras

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'The Shining' Meets 'The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody' On Robot Chicken

(Featured Image: Adult Swim / Williams Street)

Stephen King’s The Shining Crosses over with Classic Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody… 100 mais palavras


Video Game History: Batman (NES)

While Batman has had a few video games before this on computer platforms, many remember the NES game as the Dark Knight’s first digital adventure. This one was not surprisingly based on the 1989 movie and came out less than year after the film’s release. 146 mais palavras

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PlayStation Showcase 2021

Holy smokes Batman.

Sony held a virtual press conference on Thursday September 9th, and I don’t think anybody was ready for what they were going to showcase. 1.258 mais palavras


Daria's Inferno (2000)

Before modern titles showed the artistic capabilities of the medium, Video games were typically seen as mindless blood soaking time killers, where armed grunts dispatch carnivorous aliens, mutants, or other grunts. 601 mais palavras


Video Game History: Batman (1986)

While many comic and movie franchises were trying out the whole “video game” craze in the 70’s and early 80’s, it would be until 1986 that the Dark Knight himself got his own virtual adventure. 167 mais palavras

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PolyNerdic Plays: The Artful Escape

When I started this video I planned on playing 30 minutes or an hour of it to get a live first impression but the longer I played the more I was in love with game and I had a hard time stopping. 84 mais palavras

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