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How I've been trying to stay focused

I realise that a problem a lot of us struggle with during self study sessions at home is staying focused enough to actually do any work. 389 mais palavras



Long time no see! Sorry I’ve been radio silent for a while, life has been crazy lately. Just wanted to pop in and say I’m planning something new for this account! Stay tuned! :-D


Overcome the Inherent Challenges That Come with Squad Streaming

A fundamental challenge with game streaming is that you have to find a way to split your attention between the game you’re playing and the audience you’re entertaining. 916 mais palavras

Video Games

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D&D 5E - Armor & Weapon AC/HP

Armor & Weapons AC and HP

There may come a time when a character needs to destroy some armor or a weapon. By RAW (rules as written), in D&D 5E you can’t attack armor or a weapon during combat while some creature has it in its possession. 241 mais palavras

Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition

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Billion-dollar monetization giant EA shifts towards single player games

Billion-dollar monetization titan Electronic Arts is now re-embracing single player as it sets up profitable online tentpoles.

by Derek Strickland, Tweak Town

Following the breakout success of games like Jedi: Fallen Order, and with established online anchors like FIFA, Madden, Apex, and Battlefield established, Electronic Arts now seems more open to single player games. 596 mais palavras


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Salsa in the Garden

Join Cottage City Community Garden’s Salsa in the Garden event! Taste test homegrown and homemade Cottage City salsas while enjoying salsa music. Learn how to dance salsa and pick some veggies! 28 mais palavras


The Watch List - 26th July

It’s Monday again, so I wanted to write a quick post about what I plan on watching/reviewing this week. I tested negative again today, which means that I can leave the house again tomorrow. 447 mais palavras