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Is It Cheaper To Book Flights Online Or With A Travel Agent?

Travel agents are available online for help and guidance, and they assist you with all the detail regarding your complex trips and plans. The basic need of a travel agent arises when you need to plan a long family or couple trip, and you are new to travelling too. 461 mais palavras


Climbing and Culture in Turkey: Part 1

Climbing in Turkey revolves around Antalya. When climbers think of Antalya, one name springs to mind: Geyikbayiri. To most people this is what puts Turkey on the map for climbers. 1.752 mais palavras

Sport Climbing

What is a Yacht?

You must know that a yacht is an effective vessel that is utilized for joy and game. The name comes from the Dutch word Jacht, a quick, light cruising vessel utilized in the past by the country’s naval force to pursue pirates. 214 mais palavras


Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth the Price?

You guys… I am STRUGGLING today! I didn’t even drink or even stay up late last night, but wow, I feel so exhausted. Ugh.

But, I am excited to talk about Golden Goose :) I’ll just jump right into this journey of buying my first pair. 1.197 mais palavras

Holly A. Phillips

The Bahamian Life

For over the past two years, I have been living in the Bahamas. One only dreams about taking a Caribbean vacation, and yet here I am, living on the beach and enjoying the tropics all year long. 109 mais palavras


Travel in the Time of Covid, Again

Back in November, I published a travel piece on covid traveling. I was about to write a new one for this summer as protocols have changed, but in reading it, except for the references to Thanksgiving travel and with the Delta variant and low vaccination rates in parts of the country, it is sadly still up to date. 282 mais palavras



My Midwest mindset often groups these states together — sometimes only two, but often three.

Are they Southern? They are certainly different from the “Deep South.” Does the Ohio River make the boundary? 93 mais palavras