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The Danish Girl

Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl is a fictionalized telling of the actual life of Lili Elbe, the first transgender individual born as artist Einar Wegener.  Using queer theory discussed throughout the course, I use an analytical approach to dissect topics including gender performativity & societal norms, gender fluidity, and queer commodification to accompany a video essay (link provided below). 739 mais palavras


What's the T?

Author: Juno Dawson (she/her)
Author Background: Trans woman in Britain
Publisher: Wren & Rook, Sourcebooks (this ed.)
Publication Date: February 21st 2021 (this ed. June 7th 2022)  963 mais palavras

Net Galley

The effects of the culture war

Could attacks on trans people and culture war win power again for the lying, cheating Tories who have done so much damage to this country? Johnson partied while the rest of us were in lockdown, erected a customs border between parts of the “United Kingdom”, threatens to break international treaties so Britain cannot be trusted and he might start a trade war, and lies and lies again about it. 474 mais palavras


Vomit 119

I’ve been feeling pretty extreme up and downs day to day.

My anxiety and agoraphobia are both very active right now. Stopping me from following thorough on plans with my friends and events I want to go to. 113 mais palavras

I Loved Hearstopper But...

Big spoilers ahead. Without caveat I loved Heartstopper, the queer teen romance taking Netflix by storm. It centres on gay and out 15-year-old Charlie Spring (played brilliantly by Joe Locke) falling for the could-he-be-gay 16-year-old Nick Nelson (played equally brilliantly by Kit Connor). 1.128 mais palavras


Shop Local - Chapter 01

…Well this wasn’t normal.

Dan had lived in this apartment complex for a hot minute, enough to remember when there was a big to-do about putting the tenant gym in down on the ground floor. 4.365 mais palavras


Music and Mental Health

I’m in an almost fugue state right now. They just adjusted my meds and I no longer have the highs that punctuate my existence. The change was supposed to temper the lows. 649 mais palavras