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What is the future of electronic music? 08/01/22

^some rough thesis writing that I thought might give some insight on my practice etc.

Hyperpop is arguably the most futuristic electronic music in recent years. 1.584 mais palavras

Caleb tutorial #1, 08/12/21

It’s useful to think about what’s useful in the delineation between music, sound art, fine art etc.

Framing my own practice

Boring Formless Nonsense

Noise Matters – Greg Hainge talks about David Lynch and temporality… 700 mais palavras

Experimental Sound Practice, Session #1 notes 12/10/21

After sharing “Thinking”, “Delayed Mourning” and “Rock Music” (Tate sound piece), here were some notes:

It reminded Mal of corroded film loops,

They praised how well integrated noise and degradation were. 646 mais palavras

The birth of a thesis

This blog has gone silent. Not forever and hopefully not for much longer, but I thought it was time to give you a small explanation of what has been going on. 448 mais palavras

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The joy of fermentation

written by Noortje Giesbers based on her MSc thesis

Fermentation is a practice that has been around for ages, with the earliest archaeological finds dating back to 13.000 BC (Liu et al., 2018). 1.399 mais palavras


Eggcellent Friends

Welllll 2021 is officially over (cue: exhausted cheers!!), and 2022 has begun. Don’t worry this is not going to be a stereotypical end-of-year or start-of-new-year post, because this is me writing this post, and we all know there is nothing stereotypical about me. 673 mais palavras