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13 May 2022 - Trust in my chaos

Hey there again. After almost 4 months AWOL, I’m back here to announce that this woman has and is taking drastic steps to get back into her driving seat. 970 mais palavras

Boredom Experiment #1

Today, I tried to uncover the root cause of my problems by making myself bored. I switch off my internet connection. I believe boredom would force me to do my thesis proposal. 459 mais palavras


Chapter 1: The Intuition

College! The best time of our lives, a time when you are blessed with a little bit of everything. It feels as if God wants you to have a final moment to yourself before you go on to face the world and take on the burdens of the society. 1.080 mais palavras


Report from the Workshop: 05/08/2022

I’ve more or less finished my third semester at UNM. I have another week’s worth of stuff for the 8-week logic class I’m auditing as a background requirement, but that’s not a huge deal. 840 mais palavras


Thesis Method Diagram

Outlining the process of supervised classification used for my thesis


Thesis Development 5 : Recode 

This week from a coding perspective I began to try to bring parts of the code for the Arduino together. I have spent some time watching youtube videos showing how to create basic devices and trying to get back into the groove off working on my limited coding capabilities! 393 mais palavras