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Instance Scale System

Players will be able to scale the following instance types:

  • Stones
  • Bosses
  • Monsters
  • Non Player Characters
  • Player Characters

System properties:


Amid California’s heatwaves and fires, ‘world’s largest’ battery project is being switched on

LS Power’s Gateway project in San Diego: the first phase was initially just over 60MW, and now the system stands at 230MW, set for a further 20MW expansion by the end of this month. 569 mais palavras

Surprising Side Effects Sugar Has on Your Immune System, Says Science | Storevast

Looking for additional motivations to cut your sugar admission? There’s a ton of exploration out there about what the different sorts of sugar can do to your wellbeing—which will probably be a sizable amount of motivation to observe the amount of the sweet stuff you eat. 826 mais palavras


Crime and punishment

To go wrong in one’s own way is better than to go right in someone else’s-Fvodor Dostoevsky-

As a man who has spent the majority of his adulthood years locked behind these concrete walls, my heart bleeds profusely every time that I read, see or hear that another young man wether white, Latino or Black has been incarcerated for breaking society’s law. 

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The war is upon us.


The only way I’ll be heard is if I speak clearly- Brian McDaniel-

In my 43 years of living on this Earth, I have spent approximately 22 of those years incarcerated behind these concrete walls, and despite the fact that soon I will be free to live my life, free to fulfill my dreams, the struggle still isn’t over and the pain I have experienced is very real.

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System Design - An Introduction

What is System Design?

System Design is the process of defining the components, API, database tables, etc for a system to satisfy the specified functional and non-functional requirements. 475 mais palavras

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