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Day 1052: The Same Consciousness

As a program, how are we all the same?

Following the same desires, hopes, needs, and wants?


Pushing Down the Little Fresh Meat Male God 2.32

Chapter 60

“…I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that I cannot help you with this task, Wang Zhicheng should have told you the matter between him and me…” 743 mais palavras

Female Protagonist


  1. Meal Plans for Diabetes

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest ways to eat, with research showing how it can help prevent cancer, obesity and heart disease. 74 mais palavras


[album] Polje – Kombinezon

Ukrainian artist Viktor Konstantinov, who is releasing music under the moniker Polje, is today sharing his new album Kombinezon (“jumpsuit” in English) through Odesa record label… 239 mais palavras


The system will exist for only as long as we remain fearful of material loss

The obsession with material wealth and money that so many of us have, is what the so-called elites are using to control us. Because the world they have created around us teaches us that there is nothing that we could be more afraid of than losing the ‘things’ that we possess, or of having more than anyone or rather somebody else. 65 mais palavras

Pushing Down the Little Fresh Meat Male God 2.31

Chapter 59

Since he was not very well-known in the few years since his debut, no black material related to him has been exposed. For the past several years, there have only been some positive headlines about him online promoted by the company. 725 mais palavras

Female Protagonist